Founded in 2010, Sungazer Media is a boutique website design and content creation company specializing in hotel and tourism websites. We have a growing portfolio of our own sites as well as websites built for our clients, which you can see in the right column of this page.

Our philosophy

We build affordable websites for all of our clients because we feel that a simple and professional website that serves its own simple purpose is preferable to a complicated site that was built to show off the tricks of a designer. Hotel and tourism websites only need to show their product in the best light, and in a familiar way so web visitors already know exactly how to find what they are looking for.

It’s also critical that websites be easy to change and edit, so we build all of our sites on the popular WordPress platform, which has a simple user interface so changing text, prices, or photos is fast and easy for the hotel itself.

Contact us

To get more information or a quote for your own website please contact us at: [email protected]